How to set up Klook API

Setting up the Klook API is simple!

Before you start you need to ensure you have setup an account with Klook follow the link here to get started as a merchant and set up your products!

1. Klook will contact OperatorHub once all your products are setup and to let us know you would like to connect!

We will then setup the connection within the system for you. 

2. Now that the connection is made, it is time to map the products that will be available:

A "TAP API" section will appear in the product edit which allows you to associate OperatorHub price variations to an Adult and or Child price. Map the Fields to the corresponding price. e.g Adult to Adult, Child to Child, ect and save changes before continuing. This makes the product available to the API.

3. Repeat this for all products that you want to be available to Klook.

4. Edit the KLOOK (API) Agency in your agent setup to ensure the correct commission is applied.

5. Contact Klook with the API Key that we have provided you. And a list of your product names with the product ID you want to connect

Klook will use the API Key to connect to your OperatorHub system and will have access to all the products you allowed in the steps above.

6. Klook will test the connection for you and advise when live availability has been established

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