How to set up GetYourGuide API

Setting up the GetYourGuide API is as simple as 123!

Before you start you need to ensure you have setup an account with GetYourGuide follow the link here to get started as a supplier and set up your products!

1. Contact us to let us know you would like to connect with GetYourGuide!

We will setup the connection within the system for you

2. Now that the connection is made, it is time to map the products that will be available:

A "GYG Specific" section now appears in the product edit and allows the GetYourGuide variations to be associated to OperatorHub price variations. Map the Fields to the corresponding price. e.g Adult to Adult, Child to Child, ect and save changes before continuing 

At the bottom of this page is the GYG Product ID that you will need to provide to GetYourGuide to Map the products in your GYG account

3. Log into your GYG account and Map the products by entering the product ID

Follow the instructions from GetYourGuide on how to connect the products in their system here

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