19.01 Junction6 Release Notes

New Features

  • Queued Job Monitor
    • In an effort to keep the server running fast and minimise delays in getting your scheduled jobs to you, we have added an expiry to all the scheduled emails within Junction6. This will help us clear out some irrelevant jobs. You will be emailed a notification 1 week before a schedule expires, and again once it expires. The email will provide you with a link to the job so you can enter a new expiry period and restart the job
  • Mobile Check In view optimisation
    • Check in views on the mobile were always a little tricky to use. There is now a new area when creating or editing a check in view called "Minimised Check In view". These are the default fields a user will see when on a mobile device. They can then select to view all fields (if they wish) which will pull from the normal check in fields. This will be a huge advantage for anyone checking in customers from mobile or tablet devices.
  • Additional customer details now recorded when splitting orders
    • When an order is now split all "Required fields" for the product will now appear for each split customer. These fields displayed are the fields you see when you click edit on a customer in the order.


  • Load Manager error maintenance
  • Split Booking error maintenance
  • Forgot Password Revamp
    • Our forgot password functionality has been improved! It now operates in a more standard fashion, and will send you a password reset link by email. Please ensure you check your junk mail, just in case the email gets delivered here
  • Ability to now choose multiple products using the limited availability manager
  • The date on invoicing should now display the correct date
  •  Check in view now displays in alphanumerical order. Numbers 1-1000 used to display as 1, 10, 100, 1000, 11. Now it will be 1,2,3,4…ect. 

We have fixed up the bug where on occasion you are unable to use the Admin Edit on cancelled items

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