How to make Website Travel phone bookings

Click "make a group booking" and then add a product or if you have the "Quicklink" on your home screen you can click straight into book a product


This will open up your make a booking pop up

  1.  Select Book with: Website Travel
  2. If you have multiple connections to TravelDesk you must select which one (for example if you use our branding feature)
  3. Agent Reference: Enter the Voucher reference number in here that is provided to you by the Agent. This will then automatically search TravelDesk and find that voucher. This will then display the Agent, the product sold , quantity and value that is associated to the voucher. Please note: that only active vouchers can be found so you know that the voucher has been paid for!
  4. Agent Name: Enter the name of the agent who is calling you for your records (optional)
  5. Book: You can free type to find the product name, you want this to match what has actually been sold so that the money of the voucher will be the same, however it is possible to book any product. Click to select the product you want to buy. Please note: If you have Route products set up/ available for purchase then you will be given the choice of products or journeys. Journeys is for booking on your route system. Products is for all other products. 
  6. Date: choose the date you want to book for.
  7. Price Variations: These are just all the different available types of prices e.g adult, child, student. You can select how many of each you want the booking to be for. (refer back to the voucher displayed on the screen to ensure your prices match)
  8. Depending on what "configurations" are set for the product you are purchasing it will ask you for 
    - pick a time
    - pick up location
    - start time
    - end time
    - etc
    Complete all required fields (red astrix) to continue. 
  9. Add related products - if any related products or addons are available
  10. Press "Add Product" Button to send this to your cart and complete the booking

The checkout screen will be pre populated with the customer information that has already been provided to Website travel so you can double check this information with the the Agent or gather any extra info that you require.

Any payment information is locked to the voucher so you are not able to change this. If you have selected a product that is of higher value then the price will be over ridden by what the voucher has been sold for.

Please note: only one product can be purchased per TravelDesk Voucher.

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