18.16 Release Notes

September 26th 2018

Hello again!

Here at Junction6 we are continuously developing our product to improve our functionality and to address any issues that you may have encountered.
Every two weeks we release new developments that will benefit every user of our system.

This release we have been focusing on more of the internal development - our release may not show much from cosmetic point of view, but more of a performance improvement.  


New support procedure

From this morning, we are changing our support procedure. Don't worry, this change wont be too drastic!
You will still be able to access all our support documents, live chat and email all from the support beacon within Junction6.
We now request that if you are going to email us, please email  support@junction6travel.com. We will continue to leave our old system running for one month to catch any requests still submitted through the old system.

Credit Note

We now have the ability to create negative value products that behave as agent credit notes or customer refunds. They can be for a fixed amount or a dynamic price - This means that you will be able to change the price of the product when you create the credit note.
Credit notes and refunds will appear as negative values within reports, invoicing, agent reconciliation and supplier reconciliation

Website Travel Related orders

If two sales are made through Website Travel for different products in Jucntion6 (same supplier), they will now appear as related so that you know the customers are travelling together.

Google Analytics Improvement

We have now implemented the ability for Google Analytics to record on promo codes and discounts

Fixes and Improvements

  • Route Utilisation report is now usable without scheduling 
  • Buy buttons now bring up the make a booking pop up from the products menu
  • Some order items were not appearing i reports when they should have been
  • Dynamic currency fixes - Currency should now automatically change to the exchange rate in Junction6 if there is no default price.
  • Agent Reconciliation improvements

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