How to create your first product?

1. Click Click products

2. Click All Products

3. Click Create New Prdouct


You will then need to add a Product Title, Product Code select the Product Type of product you would like to create and click Add Product



Main Tab




1. Product Name: The name that you would likt to appear when our product is sold to agents and customers

2. Product Code: This is a code that you may use internally. It is not mandatory to fill out in Junction6

3. Supplier: The supplier (if not you) of the product

4. Sales Brand (if turned on): You are able to set up your Junction6 with multiple sales brands. You are able to select which brand you would like to sell this product under here.

Purchase Settings

1. Allow Purchase: This allows you to sell the product

2. Allow agents to Purchase: This allows agents that are able to login to Junction6 to be abel to purchaseyour products

3. Allow for Self Service: This allows the product to be sold through a White Label

4. One Variation per customer: This is a trigger to allow the customer to be able to purchase more than one product price per customer. Eg 1 Adult

5. Group Variations in a single Voucher: Would you like one voucher with every price in it or a voucher per price?

6. Payment Location: Only applicable if you have payment locations and this product is only sold at a specific location

Display Settings

1. Display on Checkin/Manifest: This will only display the product as an Extra in the Extras column if turned on. If a Limited Availability or Route Product then it will automatically show in the Check In



Product Information

Product information is displayed to Agents, Reservations and Customers when they purchase your products.

1. Description: This is a customer focused description of your product

2. Key Sales Points: A bullet point list of sales points for your product

3. Itinerary: If your product has an itinerary, you can enter this where

4. What to Bring: A list of items that the customer should bring with them

5. Voucher: The information you would like on the voucher sent to the customer

6. White Label: Extra information you would like displayed on your White Label 

7. Photos: Images to market your product

8. Attachments: Any extra attachments you would like to send to your customers about your product

9. Internal Information: You are able to select user groups that you would like to give more information to about the product. This will appear as a Red Banner in Junction6

10. Certificate: If your product sends a certificate to your customers, this is where you select it

Menu Categories

Menu Categories are normally set up when you do your business profile, please see article to create menu categories

Agent Commission

The Agent Commission can be set at the Agent Level or Product Level. 

1. None: This means no agent will get commission on this product

2. Inherit: The commission will be what is set for the agency

3. Percentage: A fixed percentage for all agents for this product

4. Fixed: A Fixed commission rate for all agents




Product Details

For all products that do not have limited availability, you are able to select the options under Product Details.

These will then create text filed options to enter the required details for the product. 

Lead Customer

For all products you are able to choose what customer information you would like to collect.

You care able to set a default when setting up the business profile and select Summary or Full to choose one of the defaults

Additional Customer

In Junction6 you have the option of just collecting one customers details or collecting additional information as well.


Locations can be set here. Once you have set locations and pick ups, you can put them into products in this area and make timetables for them


Product Cost Prices

The product you are intering into Jucntion6 may have a cost price. THis price can be owrked out a number of ways

1. None: No cost price

2. Inherit: Inherit from the Margin Rate of the supplier

3. Percentage: A fixed Percentage of the product price

4. Fixed: A fixed amount

Price Variations

Price Variations are the different prices that you offer for the product. For example Adult or Child


1.Title: The Name of the Price

2. Product Code: A unique internal code that is optional for the Product

3. Price: The price of the variation

4. Additional Currencies

5. Sales Tax: This is set in your business profile but can also be overridden at the price level

6. Local Fee Title: The name of a local fee eg, Levy

7. The Local Fee amount

8. Local Fee Tax

9. Accounts Code Revenue: The GL code used for Revenue

10. Accounts Code Expense: The GL Code used for Expenses

11. Accounts Code Commission: The GL Code used for Commission

12. Accounts Code Net Margin: The GL Code used for Net Margin

13. Local Fee Currency: The Currency the Local Fee needs to be taken in

14. Should Local Fee be added to the Order Value tick box

15. Date Validity: When is the date valid from and until

16. Allow for Self Service: Allow the price to be purchasable through the White Label

17. Allow for Agent Sale: Allow the price to be purchasable for Agents

18. Save and Add Product Variation Travel Date Prices (Seasonal Pricing)

19. Seasonal Pricing


1. Internal Title: The name of the seasonal price

2. Adjustment Type: Price = The price changes Blackout Date = Some dates are not available for the original price

3. Start date: Of the Seasonal Price

4. End date: Of the Seasonal Price

5. Year on Year: Does this price reoccur yearly



1. Accounts Revenue ID: The GL Code for Accounts Revenue

2. Accounts Expense ID (Cost of Sale/Product Purchase Price): The GL Code for Accounts Expense

3. Accounts Commission ID: The GL Code for Accounts Commission

4. Accounts Net Margin ID: The GL Code for Accounts Net Margin

Special Prices

Special Prices overridethe main price when the constraints occur. For example: If you have a special price for a particular agent, when this agent is selected the special price will override the default


1. Title: The title of the special price. This will override the default price name

2. Product Variation: The price that the special will override

3. Price: The Special Price Amount

4. Different Currencies (if applicable)

5. The Start and end date of the special price

Related Products

Related Products are products that you have already loaded into Junction6 that you sell often with the product.

To add a related product just select the products from the Product list.



Tags are information fields. You can create tags in the tag area. They are helpful to group things together in reports or searches.












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