What are White Labels?

White Labels are online booking pages that we create for you. These are then loaded into your book now buttons for customers to be able to book live availability right into Junction6.

When you sign up to Jucntion6, we will create you a White Label before your go live date - this will allow your customers to be able to book your products online the very day you start using the system.

What are the benefits of having a White Label?

Bookings will be able to be made 24/7
Customers from anywhere in the world can book your products
Less phone calls for your staff to take
Easy for you customers to see your availability
If you have a payment gateway setup then there money straight into your account with no middle man


When we create a White Label we copy your current website and input Junction6 into it. If you were wanting something a little different a design will need to be provided as well as a potential fee increase. 
Please contact your local BDM for more details

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