How to use the Check In

The Check-in feature can be used to check in customers but it can also be used as a manifest.

Before you can use the check-in you must create a "view" this allows you to choose which fields are displayed. For example, name quantity and pick up location.

  1. Title: Name the view something, you can have multiple views for different reasons
  2. Columns: You can pick and choose virtually any field to be part of the view by using the drop down box
  3. You can order these to be the order you want them to appear on the view just drag and drop to rearrange 
  4. To save just press add and this creates the "view" for you and you will be able to select this when searching.



  1. Date: Select the date you want to view
  2. Products: Select which product you would like to view the bookings for. If you leave it empty all products scheduled for that day will appear
  3. View: Choose your checkin view
  4. You can create New checkin views at any time if you need different information for different tours, you can also edit current manifest views if there is something you need to change.
  5. Select Display orders to bring up your manifest

When you are viewing the check in view, you will have options of what you can do while you are in there.

  1. You can click on any column to reorder the manifest by that column
  2. Under Manifest you will be able to do the following
    1. Filter: this allows you to filter all the customers by All, Travelled or Not Travelled
    2. By a value (eg, Load 1)
    3. By an Event or Products
    4. By a specific customer
  3. Manifests Export: This allows you to export the manifest to a PDF and email it to a specific email address. You can choose how you would like this displayed


You are also able to bulk email all the customers on the check in view you are viewing by seletcing "Email Customers"

If you would like to schedule the Check In view to send automatically, you can create email schedules from here to automatically email these manifests if required. Please see how to schedule the check in manual for further information

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