How to create Pick Up locations

Pick Up Locations are added to Locations as Pick Up Points for your products.

To create a new Pick Up 

1. Click operations

2. Click Locations

3. Click on the Location you would like to add a pick up to

4. Click add new Pick up Point


A pop up will now appear where you need to add the details for the Pick up

1. Title is the Name of the Pick Up

2. Is a short code that can be used on mainfests

3. Is this a default Pick Up for Auckland

4. Is this a default Drop off for Auckland

5. Do you want this automatically in the list of Pick ups/Drop offs?

6. Do you want the Pickup/drop off available to whitelabel customers? (online customers)

6. Is there a surcharge when this location is used?

7. Address information


Now that you have created your pick up, you should be able to add this to you individual products in the product set up.

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