How to use the Thread Schedule Manager

The Thread Schedule manager is a place to search, see and edit all of your scheduled routes. You can also schedule threads from this page so it is a very important tool in managing your business.

  1. Select Operations
  2. Select Route Schedule Manager
  3. This will then open up the manager so you can search for your threads or create new ones

Creating a new Thread Schedule



  1. Choose the thread you want to schedule
  2. Choose the day you want to schedule the first departure for
  3. Capacity of the thread
  4. Select the status of the thread, Unconfirmed, Open, Locked or Private only
  5. You can create by Driver/bus or by departure
  6. You can the select how frequent you want it to repeat until a certain date or how many times you want it to repeat per bus
  7. Preview button will show you what you are creating before you do.
  8. Create schedules will create the schedules for all the routes associated to that thread

Congratulations you have scheduled a thread!

Viewing and editing existing threads


There are a few different fields to help you search for your threads, depending on what it is you are trying to find/change.

  1. Threads: Choose the Thread you want to find the schedule for
  2. Capacity Status: You can search for schedules that have a certain status. leave blank to find all
    - Empty Schedules
    - With bookings
    - With availability
    - Overbooked Schedules
  3. Thread Departure Date: The first day of the thread
  4. Group By: you can group by date or by thread depending on how you want to view the searched schedule
  5. Timetable: you can search by a specific timetable
  6. Manifest Status: search for routes that are Unconfirmed, Open, Locked or Private only
  7. Click Search for matches

This will open up your results.

From this screen you can see all the routes and any information assigned to them. You can see availabilities and bookings and also view manifests.

You are also able to edit or delete the schedules all from this manager by selecting the routes. This can be done by ticking the boxes net to the events you wish to change or by selecting all.

Update Schedules


  1. Offset days: you can offset schedules, this is useful if schedules are delayed to the next day and you want all bookings to be moved over. Please note: off setting days with multiple schedules selected will offset them all.
  2. Seats: you can update the capacity of the events 
  3. Manifest status: you can make events unconfirmed, open, locked or private
  4. Update selected Schedules

Delete Schedules


  1. Select the schedules that you want to PERMANENTLY Deleted. Either select all or use the tick boxes. 
  2. Select Delete Schedules
  3. Push the big red "Delete Selected Schedules" button

Download Manifests


You are able to print or email manifests in bulk from the limited availability manger also.

  1. Select the schedules you want manifests for. You can select all or tick the tick boxes.
  2. Click Download Manifests
  3. Choose how you want to view your manifest. by sector, all sectors, full or basic.
  4. Print Manifests
  5. OR enter an email address and email them

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