How to create a Promo Code

Creating a Promo code is straight forward

  1. Click Marketing
  2. Select Promo Codes, this will bring up a list of all current promo codes
  3. Create New Promo Code



  1. Promotion Active: For creating a new promotion you will want this to be yes. When this promotion is over you can inactivate it if you have not chosen it to end on a certain date.
  2. Title: Name of promotion
  3. Conditions: The Terms and Conditions to be displayed with it
  4. Code: You can use the auto generated code or create your own. Please note you cannot use the same code twice
  5. Discount Amount;
    - Percentage of total price
    - Fixed amount off the total price
    - Fixed Price, sell for a specific price
  6. Promotion Type: one off or a promotion
  7. State Date of promotion: the first day it can be used
  8. End date of promotion: the last day it can be used
  9. Travel Date Filter: Limit to certain travel dates or exclude them
  10. Travel Date range start and end time 
  11. Applicable Products: Choose the product this promo code is available for
  12. Once you have chosen your product you can select which variations the promo code is valid for. e.g adult only
  13. Add promo code

Now you have the promo code set up you can add it to your marketing material. When customers buy directly they can enter the code and redeem the discount!

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