How to create a new supplier

1. Click Suppliers

2. Click Suppliers

3. Click Create New Supplier


1. Add the Name of the Supplier

2. Is the Supplier Internal - Is it part of your organisation or is it a third party?

3. Is a Supplier Reference required if you sell this suppliers product?

4. You are able to add a Logo to the Supplier which will appear on Vouchers that you give the customers

5. You can add a Description to the supplier as well for your reference.



1. Fill in the Contact Details for the Supplier

2. Fill in the Primary Contact for the Supplier

3. You can then put in optional Contacts for Alternative and Accounts



1. Reservations is the email address of the supplier that will recieve supplier confirmations

2. Accounts is the email address of the supplier that will receive supplier reconciliation



1. Select a Margin Rate for the Supplier. This is the amount of commission you will get. For example, if you get 25% then the Margin rate will be 25%

None = None

Inherit = The Default Margin Rate set in System Preferences

Percentage = A Fixed percentage

Fixed = A fixed amount


Now you can add the supplier to your system

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