How to push a product over to WebsiteTravel?

Once you have set up your product with the WebsiteTravel specifics here then it is super easy to push them over.

  1. In integrations choose WebsiteTravel Supplier API and click on the green product sync manager buttonScreen_Shot_2017-10-02_at_1.19.46_PM.png
  2. Type the products you wish to push to WebsiteTravel, if you leave blank it will load all products.Screen_Shot_2017-10-02_at_1.23.25_PM.png
  3. It will then load all the products you selected.Screen_Shot_2017-10-02_at_1.24.34_PM.png
  4. Push the upload details button. This will create the product in WebsiteTravelScreen_Shot_2017-10-02_at_1.30.43_PM.png
  5. Push the Upload pricing button. This will upload the price if the first time (you can use this button to update the price when your price changes too) once it has uploaded a little green tick will appear. This means it is all up to date and you are all good to go. Repeat for uploading mediaScreen_Shot_2017-10-02_at_1.34.07_PM.png
  6.  Once you are happy press the Big Green tick under details to send it off for approval. It will then take 24hours for your product to be approved and visible to agents in TravelDesk

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