How to generate an Invoice?

You have some orders made by agents. Its time to get that money! Generating an invoice run in OperatorHub is the best way to ensure that all the bookings you receive get sent out to the agents for payment.

  1. Choose Agents
  2. Click Invoicing
  3. Previously created invoice runs will appear here so you can view/edit them at a later date
  4. Click New invoice Run



  1. Date on Invoice: Choose the date to appear on the invoice. (for example 20th of the month)
  2. Invoice orders up to: Choose a date to invoice up untill. (usually the end of the month)
  3. Limit to invoice basis: Choose how you want to limit your invoice. (standard invoicing is based on travel date)
  4. Limit to Agencies: You can select to only invoice certain agents if you wish. alternatively leave blank to run for al agencies
  5. Click the Go button 


Once you have created your invoice run all the seperate invoices for each agent will be stored within the run. You have a few options from the view screen.

  1. View (blue magnifying glass) allows you to go into each invoice to see it and double check
  2. Commit all (orange tick) once your happy you can commit all invoices at once rather than individually.
  3. email to agents (yellow email) allows you to email all agents in the invoice run at once
  4. delete (red bin) if you have not committed the invoice run then you are able to delete it, if there are issues or you have done something wrong.



The View button opens up an overview of all the invoices within the run. You can click on it to view it. Print hard copies, individually commit and email to agents. YOu can also export the entire invoice run to CSV so you can store it all electronically.

Commit all


Once you have committed your invoices, the delete button disappears and you are left with a release button (unlinked icon) and email agents. 

Email agents


If you email agents from the invoice run, this will allow you to email All agencies or select some and you can choose which ones you want to email in bulk

Releasing an invoice


 Releasing an invoice by pushing the purple unlink button allows you to edit and change orders. You would want to do this if there is a dispute in price or commission and you need to change it. Once the order has been released it is not as easy to just re lock it. You must re generate the invoice as the financial data has been altered. The button becomes a regenerate purple button. Push this and it is then like starting all over again!

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