How to create an agent or agency?

1.Click Agents

2. Click Agencies

3. Click Create new Agency


1. Add a Name to your agency

2. Add an Agency Code

3. Choose a currency for your agency

4. Select whether or not the Agency is Internal

5. Select whether or not the Agency is Referring

6. Hide from the selection. This is a good option if you no longer sell to this agency and you'd like to hide the agency from the drop downs when making a booking

7. You can attach a company logo once you have saved

8. Add Accounts ID's if applicable

9. Add a Description



These are the contact details for the Agency


System Email Setup

These are the email addresses that

Reservations: Are sent the customer voucher information

Accounts: Are sent invoices


Commission and Invoicing (can only be added once the Agency has been created)

1. Invoice Basis is how the agent is invoiced

a. Sale Date: Once the sale has been made

b. Travel Date: Once the customer has begun travelling

c. Deposit only

d. No Payment agent means they do not take any payment and you give the commission to the agency

2. Invoice to 

You have a choice to invoice to either the Agency or the Branch. If you invoice to an Agency then in will pull all of the branches orders into the invoice for an agency.

3. Commission on Sale Price or Retail Price

4. Default Commission

This is where you are able to change the commission per product, for routes or even a default for all sales.Test_Agent___Junction6.png

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