How to set up a Route Product?

Ensure that you have firstly got Locations and Pick Up locations set up.

To set these up please go here.

How to create the Route Product:

1. Click Products

2. Click All Products

3. Click Create new Product

4. Fill in the Product Title

5. Fill in the Product Code

6. Select Route Product as the Product Type

7. Select a Menu Category if applicable

8. Select a Supplier

9. Click Add


The Main, Menu Categories, Agent Commission and Configuration is the same as the first product set up which can be found here.


Sectors are the different Locations within the Route.

You can add as many sectors as you like as long as there are 2 or more.

1. Click Add Route Location

2. Select the Location

3. Select whether or not you would like this location to be a breakpoint. A breakpoint is a permission that allows customers to select this location when booking using a White Label.

4. Once you have added all your Sectors, they will appear in a list where you are able to drag and drop the order



A Timetable is used to add arrival and departure times to each of your locations. You can have different timetables that can be assigned to different schedules. For example, your summer departures may have a different timetable to you winters.

To add a Timetable.

1. Click + Add timetable

2. Give the Timetable a title

3. Click Save Changes

4. Your new timetable will appear with your locations and available pick ups for those locations.

5. Add in arrival and departure times for your locations





This is where you add in your departure dates and capacity for each departure. 

1. Click on a blank calander spot

2. A pop up will appear

3. Enter a start date for the events to start on

4. Select a default manifest status

5. Select how many spots are available for the Event

6. Reoccur the event. You have a choice of weekly, monthly, yearly or daily.

7. Choose a date to repeat until

9. Select Drivers, guides, buses etc if you know what these are. Otherwise, leave blank.

10. Choose a Timetable for the Events


12. Once they have saved, you will see them appear in the calendar 




Adding a price to a route is a bit more complicated than adding a price to any other product in Junction6.

1. Click Route Price Setup

2. Configure the Route Price Matrixes by adding in the prices for the to and from locations

The Variations should already be set up under Setup, Variation Units and then Route Price Variations.

You can choose your Route Configuration under Setup, System Preferences, Route Settings and choose if Day and Open Return are options.


Once you have set up prices, you are able to also set up cost price in the adjacent tab the same way.

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