How to create a Gift Voucher?

  1. Select Products
  2. Select All Products
  3. Create New Product - Gift Voucher
  • Product Title: The name of your Gift Voucher
  • Product Code: enter a code for your product
  • Product unit name: not applicable
  • Supplier: Choose yourselves as the supplier

Main Tab



  1. Name
  2. Supplier

Purchase Settings

  1. Allow purchase: This has to be on for anyone to buy the product
  2. Allow agents to purchase: If you want agents to be able to sell your product select yes
  3. Allow for self service sale: If you want customers to be able to buy this product online
  4. One Variation per customer per event: If you only want a customer to be able to buy one version of this product at a time. (applies to multi order only)
  5. Group price variations into a single voucher: variations appear on the same voucher
  6. Payment Location: if you want this product to be available in a specific location only

Display Settings

  1. If you want to have this product displayed in checkin view/manifest then choose yes

Product Information


Menu Categories

Menu Categories are normally set up when you do your business profile, please see article to create menu categories

Agent Commission 

  1. None: This means no agent will get commission on this product
  2. Inherit: The commission will be what is set for the agency
  3. Percentage: A fixed percentage for all agents for this product
  4. Fixed: A Fixed commission rate for all agents



Product Details

Choose what product details you will require for this product. your options are

  • Off: This will make the field not appear
  • Optional: You can enter information but will let you continue if you do not.
  • Required: You must enter information and will not let you continue
  • Required before booking: You must enter information and will not let you continue
  • Required before travel: This field will be required to be entered for On-Ramp, self check-in only
  1. Pickup location: Do you or the customer need to know the pickup location.

Lead Customer

Choose summary or full to default it to the fields chosen in system preferences. For specific fields you want to record information on select them as necessary

Additional Customers

Select off if you do not need details of each individual customer. If you do want to know their details too then select as appropriate



  • Accounts Revenue ID: The GL Code for Accounts Revenue
  • Accounts Expense ID (Cost of Sale/Product Purchase Price): The GL Code for Accounts Expense
  • Accounts Commission ID: The GL Code for Accounts Commission
  • Accounts Net Margin ID: The GL Code for Accounts Net Margin

Special Pricing

Special Prices override the main price when the constraints occur. For example: If you have a special price for a particular agent, when this agent is selected the special price will override the default



  1. Title: The title of the special price. This will override the default price name
  2. Product Variation: The price that the special will override
  3. Price: The Special Price Amount
  4. Different Currencies (if applicable)
  5. The Start and End date of the special price
  6. Active: Tick to make it active, after the end date this will be inactive
  7. Prevent Direct Sell: Special price will not available be for online customers
  8. Agency: Choose if available for no agents, all agents or some and choose the agents you wish to receive the special price

Related Products

Related Products are products that you have already loaded into Junction6 that you sell often with the product

To add a related product just select the products from the Product list

Gift Voucher Settings


  1. Voucher Title: Name
  2. Voucher Template: Select the template you want to use
  3. Voucher Orientation: How you want it to appear
  4. Voucher Page Size: The size of the voucher when printed
  5. Price: How much the gift voucher is for
  6. Price is Fixed: If you choose no you can change the amount the voucher is for when purchasing
  7. Partial Redemptions Allowed: Select yes if the customer can use the voucher for multiple purchases
  8. Is voucher Transferable: Will let you assign the order to a different customer
  9. Voucher Code is Editable: Lets you customise the gift voucher code
  10. Allow Customer Message: If you want the customer to write their own message to be added to the gift voucher 
  11. Email Subject Line: When purchased the gift voucher will be sent to the customer with this email heading
  12. Expires: Choose how many months from time of purchase the voucher will expire or set a specific date
  13. Expiry can be changed: lets you choose an expiry date when booking

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