How to change the Booking fields for a product?

In each product Set up there are Booking fields that are associated with it. These are all stored within the Configuration Tab of any product.

Each product can or will have its own set of rules. 

If you need to change these after the product has been set up it is super easy

  1. go the product you want to edit
  2. go to the configuration Tab


Product Details

Choose what product details you will require for this product. your options are

  • Off: This will make the field not appear
  • Optional: You can enter information but will let you continue if you do not.
  • Required: You must enter information and will not let you continue for all users
  • Required before booking: You must enter information and will not let you continue for white label and API users
  • Required before travel: This field will be required to be entered for On-Ramp, self check-in only
  1. Pickup location: Do you or the customer need to know the pickup location.
  2. Drop Off location: Do you or the customer need to know the drop off location
  3. Travel date: Do you need to know when the customer is booked/traveling
  4. Travel Time: Do you need to know a specific time
  5. End Travel time: Do you need to know when it ends
  6. End Travel date: is it multiple days do you need to know what day it will end

Lead Customer

Choose summary or full to default it to the fields chosen in system preferences. For specific fields you want to record information on select them as necessary

Additional Customers

Select off if you do not need details of each individual customer. If you do want to know their details too then select as appropriate

Make sure you save your changes!

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