How to add a Special price to a Product?

Special Prices override the main price when the constraints occur. For example: If you have a special price for a particular agent, when this agent is selected the special price will override the default

  1. Choose the product you want to add a special price to
  2. Go to the Special Prices Tab
  3. Click add special price or hover over and edit a current special price if you want to change it



  1. Title: The title of the special price. This will override the default price name
  2. Product Variation: The price that the special will override
  3. Price: The Special Price Amount
  4. Different Currencies (if applicable)
  5. The Start and End date of the special price
  6. Active: Tick to make it active, after the end date this will be inactive
  7. Prevent Direct Sell: If Yes Special price will not be available for online customers
  8. Agency: Choose if available for no agents, all agents or some and choose the agents you wish to receive the special price

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