How to email parts of the order to customers

In your system preferences you can choose to send your emails automatically when the order is placed. However if customers change their plans, times or miss place their email, then you want to be able to re-send all of these emails.

We are able to send to emails to the agent, the customer, the supplier or our marketing email templates all from our order screen. This example is for sending to a customer but you can follow these steps for all of them.

  1. Open up the customers order
  2. In the top right of the order, click the email button
  3. Select which group you would like to send to, in this case the customer
  4. This opens up a pop up where you can select the material you would like to email



Depending on what products you have purchased you will be given the option to attach different documents to your email. These are displayed in a table with tick boxes to select the ones you would like to send.

  1. Sales receipt - this is the overview of the order that includes all order items and prices and includes tax information that the customer may want/need
  2. Voucher - the travel voucher
  3. Gift Voucher 
  4. Gift voucher receipt 
  5. Itinerary - (for pass products)
  6. Product email files - any files you have attached to the product.
  7. Certificates
  8. Login details - Customer portal
  9. Add a message - free type to personalise the email, this is displayed at the top of the email.
  10. Click the email button and this will email the customer the documents you have selected from the table.

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