How to cancel an order

Cancelling bookings is super easy. The Cancel Wizard will cancel the booking and refund the booking all in one simple step

  1. First open up the Order you want to cancel
  2. Click the Actions button
  3. Cancel Order
  4. This then takes you to the "cancel wizard" screen



  1. Quantity to Cancel - Firstly you will want to choose how many people you would like to cancel.
  2. Price to be refunded - Then you can choose how much you want to refund this will usually be 100% unless you are keeping any of the money (for example 24hour cancellation policy) in which case you can change the percentage or a fixed amount to refund.
  3. Cancelled item commission - If the booking was made by an agent you can decide whether or not they are keeping their original commission.
  4. Once you have enter these then at the bottom this will automatically update the amount to refund.
  5. Payment history - is a record of the payments made so you can easily see how to process the refund.
  6. Maximum Refund amount - this is telling you how much has been paid in-total. It will not let you refund higher than this amount.
  7. Refund Payment Amount - Automatically changes to the amount calculated in the table above. You can put through a smaller amount if you are splitting the refund payments or if the customer has not requested their money back yet so you do not want to add a payment against the order. (in the screenshot i have changed my refund to 0)
  8. Refund method - The payment type you are refunding to, above this is the history section if you require to refund back the same way the customer paid.
  9. Refund notes - This is a required field. You must enter a reason before continuing
  10. Press the Cancel order button at the bottom
  11. Congratulations you have now cancelled your booking!
  12. If you changed the refund payment amount in step 7 then your booking will state it is unpaid. You will need to add a refund payment at a later date to make this balance. follow the how to here for more information on adding payments

Please note: if you are part canceling a booking, then the price to be refunded is only on the canceled part not the entire booking.

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