How to split an order

There are a few instances where you will want to split an order. To get to the splitting screen open up the order you want to split. In the top right you have an actions button, push this and then choose Split order.

If you use multi order and someone has purchased a group booking then the order will prompt you to do this before travel.


Auto Split is the quickest and easiest way to split an order. The system will split the order into single customers and bookings so you end up with one order per person.


  1. Fill out the customer details
  2. split order
  3. You now have a seperate order for each customer!
  4. The original payment gets split evenly amongst each order

Custom Split is then able to split the order for different reasons. First up you can split the order to a new order.Screen_Shot_2017-10-27_at_4.34.54_PM.png

  1. choose custom split
  2. choose new order
  3. enter customer details for the new order
  4. split the payment - it will tell you the original payments on the order and then you can choose how to split it. Percentage, an exact amount, or no payment.
  5. Change the quantity of people to split. (this will effect the payment above)
  6. When your happy press the split order button.
  7. Congratulations you have now split the order.

You can also split the order to the same order

This removes the payment and will just split the order item in the order to give you 2 or more order items. This is most commonly used when part of a group want to change their pick up location or date.


  1. Select custom split
  2. Select same order
  3. Choose quantity to split
  4. Press split order
  5. Congratulations you will now have a new line item in your order!

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