How to make a multi-order booking

Some Clients will have multi-order booking available, if you do then this is how you make a booking.

Click make a booking and then add a product or if you have the "Quicklink" on your home screen you can click straight into book a product


This will open up your make a booking pop up


  1. Agency - you can free type the agent name if it is not a direct booking. This will default back to your company unless you have specified your user to use a different agency.
  2. Add Customers - choose how many people you want to book
  3. Book (pick a product) - you can free type to find the product name click to select the product you want to buy. Please note: If you have Route products set up/ available for purchase then you will be given the choice of products or journeys. Journeys is for booking on your route system. Products is for all other products. 
  4. Date choose the date you want to book for.
  5. Price Variations - These are just all the different available types of prices e.g adult, child, student. You can assign each customer to a price variation. if you have multiple customers and they are all the same variation then there is an all button to make them all the same
  6. Depending on what "configurations" are set for the product you are purchasing it will ask you for 
    - pick a time
    - pick up location
    - start time
    - end time
    - etc
    Complete all required fields (red astrix) to continue. 
  7. Add related products - if any related products are available you can also book these at the same time in the same manor.
  8. Press "Add Product" Button


If you want to add more products there is an add a product button, press this and repeat above instructions please note you can assign the new products to the same customers. keep doing this until you have everything that the customers wants to purchase in your "cart" or checkout screen.

  1. Next to each Customer there is an edit button you must enter the details for all customers. There is an option to Save details to all customers, this will copy them over to all customers - remember some products may require more information than others, for example weights. These are all set up in the "fields" area of the product or in your system preferences._3004817___Junction6.png
  2. You can add notes to the order by pressing the blue add note button. These can be private (do not tick any box) for the customer (Visible on voucher) for the operator (Visible on manifest) or for everyone (tick both boxes)
  3. Settle up - If Customers want to pay individually you can use the settle up button from the checkout screen or if they are paying all together you can checkout all orders in one go


  1. Amount to pay - the total of the whole order
  2. Payment Method - Choose how the customer is paying. (if an agent booking then Agent Voucher will appear)
  3. Amount being paid now - enter how much you are collecting. (This is a free type area as you may have split payments so you can pay half in cash and half on card)
  4. Payment Notes - if required you can enter notes here to be associated with the payment.
  5. Manage Customer Emails: Choose which emails get sent to the customer
  6. Congratulations you have made a multiorder booking!
  7. If you before paying you the customer does not want the order anymore you can delete all orders that have not been checked out yet.

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