How to create an agent user

When we talk about agent users, these are agents that have a login directly into your junction6 so that they can make bookings themselves. No phone calls no emails, just live bookings straight into your live availability. 

  1. Choose Agents
  2. Agent Users
  3. Create new users



  1. Internal user - only tick this if the agent is an internal agent
  2. Class name - leave as J6member
  3. Username - this must be unique same with other users so if anyone across our client base has already chosen this username it will be unavailable. If you choose [businessname][agentname] and set up all agent users the same way, it will keep things easy for you and consistent, the choice is yours
  4. Email - agents email
  5. First name & Surname - this appears in top right of J6 so choose a name that will make sense to the agent
  6. Weight: Not required for Agent users
  7. Password: Create them an easy one like [agentname]. If you don’t want to know what it is then require them to pick there own when they sign in.
  8. Agency/branch: this is where you assign the user to the agency. you MUST choose the agency here, if no agency is assigned then the user will not be able to make purchases
  9. Quick links: these appear at the top of the home screen/dashboard and are customisable to each agent user. Select which you would like them to be able to view. Create booking is the most useful for agent users.
  10. Add user

Please note
Agency must be set up prior to setting up an agent user and assigned to the user here
Products must be for sale to agents to allow purchase

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