How to add a new payment or refund

Customers may decide to pay individually, or half cash and half card. You may have canceled a booking and the customer has only just asked for their refund. There are numerous reasons why you need to add a new payment or refund to an order and luckily it is super easy!

  1. Open the order which you need to edit
  2. Orders with outstanding balances will have warnings and have a status of "unpaid"
  3. Near the bottom is the payments section of your order screen
  4. Press the add payment/refund button
  5. This will take you to the add payment/refund screen



  1. Select if it is a payment or a refund.
  2. Amount already paid - The amount paid to the order will be displayed and will not change - this is for your reference.
  3. Amount to Pay - if there is an outstanding balance it will be shown here for your reference
  4. Payment method - select the payment type you are receiving or returning
  5. Payment Agent Reference - If required you can enter a reference number, e.g payment is an agent voucher
  6. Amount being paid now - free type your amount. It can be more or less than the remaining balance.
  7. Outstanding balance: this will automatically change depending on what you have entered above. This is so you charge/enter the correct amount.
  8. Payment date and time. Generally this will always be in the moment. however if you need to backdate the payment you can select your date and time here.
  9. Payment notes - add any relevant information, this is a required field for issuing a refund
  10. Payment location - If you use locations choose the location where you are processing the payment.
  11. Internal Payment- tick if the payment is internal
  12. Click Add Payment or Add Refund
  13. This payment will now show up below the other payments on the order. Repeat this process until the order is fully paid or refunded

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