How to edit customer details

When a customer comes in there may be a spelling mistake on the booking. Maybe they have a new telephone number. Being able to edit your customers details is super important and below is the simple and easy way to do so.

  1. Open up the Customers order.
  2. Push the Blue edit button next to the Customer details
  3. There is also an edit button at the bottom next to customer additional details


Edit this customer: Any required fields will appear in the top section, there is a seperate section for optional details below. Add and change the information as required and then save changes.

Please note that if there fields you require are missing they may not have been set up in the system preferences or the product configuration

Replace with a New customer: This is where you can create a complete new customer to be assigned to this order. All required and optional fields will appear depending on your product and system preferences.

Please note than any tags or attributes will not be able to be added until after you have created the user for the first time

Replace with an existing customer: This feature allows you to search through existing customers to assign the order to that customer. You are able to search by first name, surname, customer number or order ID then simply select the correct person to assign to the order.

Please note customer id and order id must be identical matches for the search to work

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